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"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Built on the KDE technology

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Kexi Developers WANTED!

 As a successful project, Kexi is looking for more developers
 Non-developers, ie. translators, artists, testers are wanted too.

Contact: Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek @ kde org>

See also: Found Contributors, Available Developer Jobs

Kexi is considered as long awaited MS Access replacement.

Recommended skills:

  • C++ advanced knowledge
  • Qt development skills
  • KDE frameworks development skills are welcome

Database-related knowledge is not required. Linux/Unix/Mac OS X and MS Windows developers are welcome.

If you're a good C developer, there're jobs regarding to database engines integration (eg. adding multiuser support for SQLite). But C++ is our preferrence because of required code quality.

Please contact staniek @ kde org, describing at least:

  • what projects have you contributed to?
  • what are your skills regarding to: C++, Qt, KDE, databases?
  • how much time for the project have you got?

Additional information is welcome:

  • are you student or full time developer?
  • have you got permanent internet connection?
  • do you speak/read/type (at least) "internet" english?

Mini FAQ:

Q1: I have no Qt skills but I am C++ developer

A1: C++ skills can be useful. One proposal is to look at developer's documentation and see what are you interested in - .

Q2: Where to start?

A2: Subscribe to mailing list(s), then compile Kexi downladed from Subversion. Then,

There are also C++-only, non-GUI (almost no Qt knowledge required) subprojects like:

  • writing database drivers
  • data import/export modules.

We're open to further proposals.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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