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Found (potential) Contributors

Table of Contents
     KDE Developers
     Qt Developers
     C++ Developers, ie. no Qt (yet?)
     Database developers, analysts
     Other developers
     Artists, Advertisement, Web development
     Testers, writers

Many proposed tasks published this month, we hope. In the meantime see:

Following persons offered their help:

KDE Developers

(none yet)

^ toc

Qt Developers

  • Yves Bailly <kafka . fr AT laposte dot net> (No time for Kexi now)
strong knowledge of C++ and Qt; used MSA a lot (including programming), and made some forms in Qt to ease the use of a Postgresql database; knows Python, and starting Ruby. Linux user, everyday working on Win2k with msvc6. No KDE experience.
  • Samuel Desseaux <sam1975 AT wanadoo dot fr>
Experience with Java , C++ and SQL. Some experience with Qt.
  • Adrien de Sentenac <aiua AT ipsquad dot net>
Good knowledge of Qt (eg see No KDE.
^ toc

C++ Developers, ie. no Qt (yet?)

  • Allaoua Tarek <>
9 years of C++ experience, interested in contribution with ODBC
  • Dugueperoux Esteban (finesse2600 on IRC) <dugueperoux . esteban@wanadoo . fr>
Experience with C and C++, and a little Qt
  • Abdelhak El idrissi <elidriss AT hotmail dot com>
Experience with C, C++, Java, caml, a little Qt, but no KDE.
  • Christophe Garault <christophe AT garault dot org>
No Qt/KDE programming knowledge, but many years of experience with: Java, C++, SQL, MDX, PHP, JSP and even ASP, VB6 and C#, good knowledge of APIs like JDBC, Ado, AdoMD, OleDB and ODBC. Knows a lot of OS: Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMS and OS2. Has own company.
  • Roman Siziakov <siziakov AT rambler dot ru>
No QT/KDE, but uses C++ for 5 years.
  • Erik van Vugt < vugt AT raketnet dot nl>
MS VB, MS Visual C++ developer. Wrote one application with KDevelop/Qt. His average free time for the project is about 10 hours. He's currently learning Qt and KDE.
  • Tarpinder Singh Grewal <tarpindergrewal AT hotmail dot com>
New to Qt & KDE, has experience of developing S/W in VB6, JAVA, C & C++. Oracle Certified Professional.
^ toc

Database developers, analysts

  • Daniel Bembibre Gude <bmwfaq AT bmwfaq dot com>
Long experience with Oracle, SQLServer, PervasiveSQL and MySQL Api and Sybase API. Also learning Qt. Could make RPMs for Mandrake 9, 10 and 10.1.
  • Leiro Medina <leiromedinag AT yahoo dot com>
Freelance programmer, programmed information systems for small bussiness (databases) in the Windows platform, experienced in MS Access and FoxPro, begginer in Qt and KDE, intermediate skills in C++.
  • Greg Falk <gregfalk AT shaw dot ca>
business analyst, used to be an OO programmer (mainly PowerBuilder, some Java), considerable experience with databases (Sybase and dB2, with a smattering of Oracle), works for government
^ toc

Other developers

  • Nicolas PIGNIER <n . pignier AT inddigo dot com>
Experience with Java. No C++. Plans to learn C++ and QT/KDE programming
  • Vasiliy Stepanov <green AT insun dot ru>, IRC nick: green
C and system programming in Linux. No Qt. Additional skills: Win32 API, MFC, VB6, PHP, Perl, Bash. Mysql. MSSql.
  • Christian Kienle <Christian-Kienle AT losg dot org>
developer,; updated KexiArchitecture picture
^ toc

Artists, Advertisement, Web development

  • <nuno_pinheiro AT sapo dot pt>
Icons designer. See e.g
  • Robin Monks <robin AT spreadfirefox dot com>
Web page design, ads, and more
^ toc

Testers, writers

  • Mouvet Olivier <cmt AT pi dot be>
No programming experience, could do testing or ads.
  • Christian Thorge Schmidt <schmidt AT datenaura dot net>
No programming experience, offered to help with a tutorial, translating docs to German, designing or developing northwind-like real-world example, tests.
^ toc


  • Miguel De Anda <miguel AT thedeanda dot com>
Slackware package. Note: slackware packages are already prepared, see Download section. But ok, you can optionally deliver your own.. Starting to learn Qt.
  • Lukasz Jernas' <deejay1 AT nsj . srem dot pl>
PLD packages, advertisement on Kexi Web Site
^ toc



  • Kouzinopoulos Haris (haris at - fixed all "unused parameter" warnings in Kexi source code: 2005-10-29. Thanks!

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