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Rapid Database Application Development
"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Built on the KDE technology

Member of the Calligra Suite

No Software Patents!

Available Non-Developer Jobs

Are you non-developer or just don't wish to develop for us but want to help in other way? Good.

(see also the new wiki: here)

Table of Contents
   Spread the word about Kexi!
   Perform usability analysis for Kexi
   Perform accessability analysis for Kexi
   Test Kexi, file a wish or report a bug
   Migrate the Kexi Wiki to a newer Wiki engine

Spread the word about Kexi!

This task is always available, so don't hestitate to:

  • Publish a link to Kexi project on your web site or social page.
  • Subscribe to (link) and you'll be informed about news. Then you'll be able spread the news to other web sites.
  • Write articles about Kexi for websites, newspapers or as college/studies paper. You can use the knowledge published on web site. Whenever you write an article let us know so we can put a link on this web site.
  • Put the software in newspaper's CD/DVD and inform users about its availability. This can help users without internet connection.
  • Perform any other promotional action.
^ toc

Perform usability analysis for Kexi

Perform any kind of usability analysis for Kexi and share results with us.

^ toc

Perform accessability analysis for Kexi

(clean interface, keyboard shortcuts, etc.)

^ toc

Test Kexi, file a wish or report a bug

Read Testing Kexi document for more info.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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