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Kexi In The Press

February 2008

Dennis Vitals blog: The Top 50 Proprietary Programs vs Their Open Source Alternatives

Microsoft Access to Kexi: Microsoft Access is a versatile tool for creating database-driven applications and to maintain office or personal data. Access contains an embedded database engine, but it also connects to other databases through ODBC. On the other hand, Kexi allows users to design forms to gain access to and to create data, just like Access. Kexi also contains an embedded database engine and it can import data to Microsoft Access databases. Plus - Kexi is open source, whereas Access belongs to Microsoft."

December 2007

Free Software Magazine: Becoming a Free Software developer, part IV : Putting your interest to good use:

I decided to tentatively try my hand at helping with a free database project. How do you do that you ask? The best way is to join an open source project as a tester or developer. I decided to join the Kexi project. [..]

March 2007

Dagonia Magazine (polish): Kexi - databases for everyone. (page 44; PDF - mirrors)

December 2006

Softpedia: Kexi Review

Although Kexi is a rather new project, it has developed quite rapidly into a powerful and easy to use application development tool for database systems. It has all the features needed for creating databases and also comes with a comprehensive help document. [..]

July 2006

TUX Magazine:  Building a Database with Kexi (PDF, page 21)

May 2006

The The Evolving ODF Environment: Spotlight on KOffice

Inge Wallin: We do believe, however that Kexi is far ahead of OpenOffice Base, and several magazine reviews agree with us. [..]

April 2006

GROKLAW: KOffice 1.5 Released with Native Full OpenDocument Support

Kexi is another relatively new and until now little-known application in KOffice, that has been actively developed since 2002. If you build databases for office applications regularly, Kexi is great news for you. [..]

NEWS.COM: KOffice 1.5 brings OpenDocument support

KOffice 1.5 also features the debut of Kexi 1.0, a personal database program [..]

March 2006 First look: KOffice 1.5, part 2: The minor applications - Database and reporting

Because Kexi is designed to work only with its own file format, it doesn't need to register data source types, the way Base does, so it has fewer options to worry about. It also boasts a much less cluttered -- and therefore less intimidating -- interface, without sacrificing any functionality.

November 2005

Linux Magazine: Kexi review in  OFFICE HELP: Fast office package for the KDE desktop article (page 38)

October 2005

Apoplous - Open Education, Newsletter # 4:  Alternative OpenSource Suites, page 6 (pdf)

Linux Format (UK): KOffice 1.4 Review, page 3. Archived pages: 1, 2, 3.
Kexi developers should be applauded for coming up with a solution that offers a chance to migrate away from Access in the future.

September 2005 Comparison: Building databases with Kexi and 2 Base, also read some explanations.

August 2005

Free Software Magazine:  Switching to free software - How to get the best software without spending a penny; page 3.

For an Access replacement, there’s a new kid on the block, Kexi.

June 2005

Kexi mentioned in a slashdot news about KOffice 1.4 release.

April 2004

Article in german Linux Magazine edition (english auto-translation)

May 2004

Article in polish Linux Magazine edition ( pdf file)

June 2004

Article in english Linux Magazine edition ( pdf file).

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