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Before asking a question, please read the Kexi Features and Kexi FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

Table of Contents
   Kexi Handbook
   Mailing Lists
   IRC Channel
   Contact Developers by E-mail
   Support for Developers

Kexi Handbook

Kexi 2 Handbook is available online (may be installed with Kexi):

Old (Kexi 1) Handbook is available online (may be installed with Kexi 1):

User Wiki

Contains tutorials and samples. See

User Forums

See, recommended for user's help requests and discussions.

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Mailing Lists

Before sending a question, please try to find answer in the archives: search mailing lists.

Due to a huge spammers activity, you need to subscribe first to any of the mailing lists before you post.

Low-traffic mailing lists are provided.

Your email addresses will not be passed to anyone else, although recipients of messages sent through the lists will see your address.

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IRC Channel

Unique chance of contacting Kexi developers in real time: #kexi channel on server.

You can enter the channel using web chat too:

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Contact Developers by E-mail

See Contact page.

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Support for Developers

See Development Wiki pages for design documents, APIs, guidelines.

There are also old wiki pages.

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