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"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Built on the KDE technology

Member of the Calligra Suite

No Software Patents!

Kexi Testers WANTED!

Kexi is considered as long awaited MS Access replacement.

 As a successful project, Kexi is looking for more testers.
 Developers are wanted too.

Contact: Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek @ kde org>

See also: Found Contributors, Available Developer Jobs

Requirements, recommendations:

  • Free time, computer with Linux and KDE 3.3 or newer. Testing of MS Windows version is possible but new versions can be more delayed and not available for compilation by hand. Linux is the main platform for development Kexi versions.
  • Recommended (not required): permament internet connection and basic programs compilation skills and working using command line interface.
  • Recommended (not required): database-related knowledge.
  • Proposed: let us know what are your skills mentioned above. Also:
    • do you speak/read/type (at least) "internet" english?
    • how much time can be devoted to the project, approx.

Linux/Unix/Mac OS X and MS Windows users are welcome.

Mini FAQ:

Q1: Where to start? A1: Read the Testing Kexi tutorial.

We're open to further proposals.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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