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Kexi 0.8:
Known Problems & Unsupported Features

Following features due to time constraints are known to be incomplete or nonexistent. Some bugs were discovered as destribution-dependent.

See also: Unsupported Features in 0.9 version

Table of Contents
   Distribution-specific Problems
   Main Window


  • (beta 1) Problems with opening a file in SQLite2 and SQLite3 format (.kexi database file) when KNoda is also installed.
Reason: Either KNoda and Kexi instals hk_classes.magic information file for SQLite2 and SQLite3 file format.
Solution: move hk_classes.magic file out of $KDEDIR/share/config/magic/ directory while running Kexi. fixed for Kexi 0.8 and 0.9 beta1
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Distribution-specific Problems

  • (beta 1) See Known Errors in Kexi Packages
  • (beta 1) Startup problem on Kubuntu Linux: after selecting a "Blank document" in the startup dialog, foolowing error appears "kexi: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN13KDockSplitter24setSeparatorPosInPercentEi". Will be fixed for in 0.8 stable version.
Reason: Problems with Kubuntu package.
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Main Window

  • (beta 1) Font size in Properties Window is too small and unreadable.
Solution: see answer on KDE Bug Tracking System. Will be fixed for in 0.8 stable version.
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  • (beta 1) Row deleting: works but screen and number of records is not updated within record navigator. Fixed for 0.8 stable and newer.
  • (beta 1) Row inserting: does not work. Fixed for 0.8 stable and newer.
  • (beta 1) Data-aware subforms can crash if parent for has data assigned as well. Fixed for 0.8 stable and 0.9 stable.
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  • Kexi User's Guide is not available (the text is prepared but not in english yet). Consult web site to learn what features Kexi offers. Planned for 1.0 version.

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