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Known Errors in Kexi Packages

Kexi Team is not responsible for following defects. Please let us know any packaging problems not listed here.

Ask your distribution vendor to fix their packages!

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Table of Contents
     Mandriva 2008
   1.1.x Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.6.x)
     Fedora Core 6
   1.0.2 Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.5.2)
     Ark Linux
   1.0 Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.5)
     Errors in the source tarballs
     Fedora Core 5
   0.9 Stable (released separately)
     Fedora Core 3

1.1.3 ^ toc

Mandriva 2008

Kexi does not display any data, just empty cells. There is no data loss though. Reported and fixed in the source code on oct 2007, still not fixed.

^ toc

1.1.x Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.6.x) ^ toc


  • No packages at all. Only the very old 1.0 beta is available with broken translations.
^ toc

Fedora Core 6

  • No koffice-driver-ms-access package for ms access import plugin
^ toc

1.0.2 Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.5.2) ^ toc


  • Does not include PostgreSQL driver. Apparently, this is due to the PostgreSQL packages being in Universe. KOffice is in main, and therefore can't depend on packages from universe.
  • Update - 21 January 2007: It appears that the required packages have been moved to main for the forthcoming 'Feisty Fawn' release, so hopefully this bug will be resolved with that release. ^ toc


Ark Linux

  • No koffice-database-ms-access package for ms access import plugin.
^ toc

1.0 Stable (bundled with KOffice 1.5) ^ toc

Errors in the source tarballs

  • Application's version string is not updated to 1.0, thus it appears as "1.0 rc1" to the users' confusion after choosing "Help->About Kexi" menu item. Before compilation, please edit kexi/kexi_version.h file and change the line
# define KEXI_VERSION_STRING "1.0 rc1"
# define KEXI_VERSION_STRING "1.0"
^ toc

Fedora Core 5

  • status: closed, resolution: done in 1.5.0-1; Andreas Bierfert (
  • Valid package was 'rc1', koffice-kexi-1.5.0-0.1.rc1.fc5.i386.rpm
  • PROBABLY Invalid package is 'stable': koffice-kexi-1.5.0-0.3.fc5.kde.i386.rpm
  • reported by jstaniek to Fedora bugzilla:
  • Remaining problems:
    • Forms plugin can't be loaded: reported here
    • the application is configured with EXPERIMENTAL --enable-kexi-reports option, pelase remove that or you will have upgrade/stability problems soon
    • MySQL driver is bundled with Kexi package while it should be offered as a separate package (Kexi itself shouldn't depend on MySQL). See here for more info.
    • Lack of package containing MS Access plugin (e.g. called koffice-kexi-driver-msaccess)

^ toc

0.9 Stable (released separately) ^ toc

Fedora Core 3

Reported by:

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers are bundled with kexi RPM, should be separated.

See also: Archive

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