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Rapid Database Application Development
"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Built on the KDE technology

Member of the Calligra Suite

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Former contributors

NameContributionse-mailirc nick
Lucijan BuschFormer Project Maintainer and Core Developerlucijan @ kde . orglucijan
Peter SimonssonDeveloperpsn @ linux . sepsn
Joseph WenningerCore Developer, mySQL driverjowenn @ kde . orgjowenn
Till BuschBugfixes, Original Table Widgettill @ bux . atbuti
Cedric PasteurDeveloper, Property Editor, Form Editorcedric . pasteur @ free . frccpasteur
Martin EllisContributions for MySQL, and KexiDB, other fixes, MDB supportmartin . ellis @ kdemail . netmart
Dimitrios T. TanisDeveloper, Users Manual for Kexi 2, main window improvements, numerous bug reporsdimitrios . tanis @ kdemail . netdiggy
Oleg KukharchukDeveloper, Several form widgets, porting to Qt 4, stabilizationoleg . kuh @ gmail . comoleg_kuh
Christian Nitschkowski Graphics effects, helper dialogs segfault_ii @ web . de Barefeeted
Sebastian Sauer Scripting Layer (KROSS), Python bindings for KROSS, designs mail @ dipe . org dipesh

Alternatively, certain developers can be contacted via IRC: #kexi or #calligra channel on server.

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