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Christian Nitschkowski

[Christian Nitschkowski] Christian Nitschkowski is a nice guy from Germany, where he lives in Gelsenkirchen since he was born in 1983.

After graduating from a vocational school in 2003, he became a trainee as an Information Technology Specialist.

After gaining his first experience with Qt and KDE while writing tools like Quickstarter, SysExxer and KInitiator (which never got released, so far, but isn't declared dead) he started to work on Kexi to get in KDE-development.

He's currently working on nice graphical effects for Kexi and some input dialogs. Especially the work on effects sometimes drive him crazy, but then he will go back in his dark cave and won't come out before a solution has been found.

When he isn't sitting in front of the screen to hack in C++-codes or chat, he wents out to ride his bicycle or to go out for a walk (usually with bare feet (yes, even in winter), that's where his IRC-Nick comes from in case you wondered).

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