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Kexi User Documentation : Issues

 started: april 2005, jstaniek

Table of Contents
   1. Introduction
   2. Proposed Methods and Tools
     2.1. Compliance
     2.2. Wiki as editing engine
   3. Useful links

1. Introduction

This page is a starting point for Kexi User Documentation task within the Kexi Project.

There's already completed documentation (in Polish) and we're planning to translate this to English as a base language for further translations. So please don't start your own user manuals except tutorials, etc. Even then, please contact us before choosing your topic, if you want to make a reasonable, planned contribution, so we can know which topic is currently being documented.

^ toc

2. Proposed Methods and Tools ^ toc

2.1. Compliance

We want to comply with KDE documention standard, thus source format of documentation will be DocBook in English. Then, translations can be performed against this source using standard gettext tools together with KBabel.

^ toc

2.2. Wiki as editing engine

Despite above compliance there's a proposal to use online collaboration tools derived from Wiki, to ease small corrections for everyone being online, everywhere. Without online tools, documentation author needs to keep local copy of CVS (or Subversion) files and update/commit them. Examples of successful wiki sites regarding KDE is

See original Using Wiki for KDE (User/Devel) Documentation thread on kde-core-devel mailing list's archive.

Note that this wiki on site is for development purposes, while End User Documentation Wiki is planned to be built on a different engine.

2005-04-03: Alan Prescott (ajp @ fudokai . org . uk) pointed out there's DocBookWiki project. Great, needs testing. See UserDocs_DocBookWiki

2005-06-06: Wiki parser (C/Python):


^ toc

3. Useful links

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