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Developer Jobs : Dialogs/Wizards

Table Row And Column Size Dialogs : Design Documentation

 Creation date: 2004-12-09
 Docs maintained by: jstaniek

Table of Contents
     1. Row Height Setting Dialog
     2. Column Width Setting Dialog
   Implementation Notes
     Data structures
     Related tasks


User can adjust table view's rows height or column width using mouse pointer draging. As an addition we've following two dialogs:

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1. Row Height Setting Dialog

  • class name: KexiTableViewRowHeightDialog

^ toc

2. Column Width Setting Dialog

  • class name: KexiTableViewColumnWidthDialog

^ toc

Implementation Notes

  • inherit KDialogBase
  • buttons should be at the bottom, not @ left
  • use KDoubleNumInput (two digits) for the value input
  • add units label "cm" after the value input
    • TODO: later we'll set current unit (inch, point, etc.) here
  • disable value input when "Standard xxxx" checkbox is checked
  • add:
 double value() const;

method for getting value from the dialog.

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Data structures


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Related tasks


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