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Kexi Stability Statement

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See also: Data Compatibility

Table of Contents
   Application Stability
   Unstable features
   Compatibility between Kexi versions
   Compatibility between Kexi and external formats

Application Stability

It is recommended to back up your data when you're doesing with beta versions of any software. However, even beta Kexi versions are relatively stable. If you're wondering about possibility of data loss, note that any data-related operations are protected by database transactions.

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Unstable features

Unstable features are marked as experimental. They are not built by default and thus you cannot use them unless you have installed special (development) version of Kexi package. Read Build Notes for information how this is achieved.

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Compatibility between Kexi versions

Regarding to format stability, there is a policy of backward compatibility, and in most cases also forward compatibility. This is possible because definitions for stored objects contain version information and Kexi takes care about differences between format versions.

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Compatibility between Kexi and external formats

Where possible, inporting, exporting and data exchange is perfromed using well known and widely available software components. For example, MS Access database format is handled by using mdbtools library, adopted for Kexi's internals.

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