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Kexi 1.1.3 Bugs

Table of Contents
   1. Kexi does not display any data, just empty cells
     1.1. Solution
     1.2. Contact

1. Kexi does not display any data, just empty cells

Distributions affected: Mandriva 2008 (koffice-kexi-1.6.3), Debian Testing (kexi 1.6.3-3)

Due to problem with compiler (I guess) [1], Kexi in KOffice 1.6.3 package is unusable on Mandriva 2008 (the same has been reported for Debian/testing). 1.6.2 or previous update of 1.6.3 was OK, what enabled me to locate possible problem and provide a patch (in 1.6 SVN now) [2].


See also:

^ toc

1.1. Solution

The current solution is to use Kexi from KOffice 1.6.2 (in case of Mandriva) or 1.6.3-2 in case of Debian Testing.

^ toc

1.2. Contact

Please contact (1) if you compiled Kexi for your own and encountered this bug or (2) have another distribution also affected by this bug.

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