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Kexi1.1.2 - Patches

Table of Contents
   A fix for users of dash shell
   A fix for queries


This page provides a list of patches with fixes and improvements published after 1.1.2 release and before 1.1.3. To use the patches, you need to apply them to the 1.1.2 source code by saving it in 'koffice/' source code directory and running

 patch -p0 < patchfilename

Note that the 1.1.3-pre has the patches applied anyway, and is in a stable state, so you can safely fetch it instead of 1.1.2.

^ toc

A fix for users of dash shell

It's safe to apply it if you're unsure.

"dash" is a POSIX compliant shell that is much smaller than "bash". The patch fixes compilation of the kexi/examples/ subdirectory.

download the patch: dash-1.6.2.patch

^ toc

A fix for queries

Date: 2007-05-15. It's safe to apply it if you're unsure.

Queries like "SELECT * FROM TABLE" do not work as expected in data/design/SQL view. The problem appears in application that is compiled using GCC compiler. The patch fixes compilation of the kexi/kexidb/ directory.

download the patch: kexidb-1.1.2.patch

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