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Developer Jobs : Database Drivers

Table of Contents
     Drivers list
     Other related tasks
     See also

Drivers list

All except: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, i.e.:

  • FireBird (
  • Oracle
  • ODBC (implementation is stalled - see kexidb/drivers/odbc/ directory, using unixODBC is preferred). It's can be a matter of looking at other opensource code like QtSQL to learn how unixODBC is used, and implement particular functions of the new KexiDB driver.
  • JDBC
  • MS SQL Server and Sybase (preferably using FreeTDS)
  • MS Access (preferably using MDB Tools)
  • maybe XBase ?
  • any other driver you're interested in
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Any developemnt is consisted of following subtasks:

  • Initial design (existing drivers can be valuable as examples)
  • Implemntation
  • Tests and optimizations
  • Keeping a driver up to date after KexiDB API changes and improvements
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Other related tasks

  • Integrating of QtSQL with KexiDB (KexiDB is our DB layer, which is (or should be) more generic than QtSQL. On the other hand, Qt SQL has many own drivers and own users, so it would be useful to wrap it inside KexiDB).
  • Testing/cleaning up/improving and integrating Client/Server Extension for SQLite databases. We're using SQLite databases but a single file can be safely accessed by a single process, concurrency. Look here how it was solved:
Let's think how to integrate it with Kexi.
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See also

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