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Converting Kexi Data Table to KOffice document

 Creation date: 2004-12-10
 Docs maintained by: jstaniek

Table of Contents
     Publishing commands


We need a way to convert tabular data (a result of query execution) to common document formats:

  • KSpread
  • OASIS ( Calc
  • CSV (comma-separated value)

KSpread and oo.o formats could be handled in a very similar way.

^ toc


  • Check what GUI elements (dialogs?) could be adopted or shared from KOffice, especially for CSV (comma separated value)format. Note that most probably KOffice's csv filter and dialogs are too simplified compared to Kexi needs (Kexi is a DB app after all).
  • Make a non-GUI prototype for exporting kexi data table using KOffice filters
  • Make Test Suite containing many different use cases for data exporting and store it in a centralized place
  • Propose command line options to ease automatic tests. Most of these options could be also kept for end-users.
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^ toc

Publishing commands

Add command like "Publish in spreadsheet" or "Publish in document". E.g. MSA names this explicity like "Publish it in Word": 1. .rtf file is created (in this case, for other cases e.g. spreadsheet file can be created) 2. associated application will be started and the created document will be loaded.

Note: In fact MSA is WRONG with "Publish it in Word" command name because, e.g. Writer can be associated with this docuemnt type. So let's not copy this hardcoded naming scheme.

TODO: more info

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