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Unsupported Features/ 0.1 beta 5
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Kexi 0.1 beta 5 Unsupported Features & Known Problems

Unsopported short-term features

  • Only file-based project creation and opening is currently fully supported by GUI. Use command line options to create/open server-based projects.
  • Table designer: altering existing table removes data from it.
  • Queries: computing totals, setting criterias is temporary not available.
  • Queries: joins or criterias defined in SQL Text View using WHERE clause are not well parsed yet after switching back to Design View.
  • Disabled actions: Import, Export, Project Properties, Database's Object Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Toolbars configuration shouldn't be used
  • Database Relationships (File->Relationships menu) are not properly updated yet when database schema changes.
  • Data-aware forms are not available.
  • Documentation is not available.

Note for developers: most of unsupported funcions are hidden by default by not defining KEXI_SHOW_UNIMPLEMENTED macro at compile time.

Unsupported long-term features

  • Data-aware forms (planned for beta 6)
  • Scripts (e.g. assigning scripts to buttons, writing functions)
  • Making runtimes out of Kexi projects
  • Importing/exporting Kexi project's data to other data formats or native databases
  • Cooking, dancing, flying :)

Users can report other bugs directly by visiting Kexi Bug Database (please login as user "guest", without a password).

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