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Release Information:
Version:0.1 beta 4
Date:July 16, 2004

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Kexi 0.1 beta 4 Announcement


July 16, 2004 (The INTERNET). The Kexi Team today announced the immediate availability of Kexi 0.1 beta 4, codenamed "FireDuck", the newest preview release of the integrated environment for managing data aimed at developers and experienced users.

Changes since beta 3 version

  • Much improved Form Designer (widget editing, additional tools)
  • Much improved Query Designer (both Visual and SQL mode, parser)
  • Fixes in Table Designer
  • Many fixes in Data Table View (universal data editing widget)
  • Overall application improvements (error/problem messages, loading/saving, actions)
See also Detailed information on changes.


Kexi and its libraries are available under flexible Open Source license (LGPL). It can be obtained as:

from Note: FTP servers' mirroring may take even one day.

How to compile Kexi

To learn how to compile Kexi, see this document.


Kexi users are invited to report bugs and wishes. This can be done directly to the Kexi Bug Database. Please login as user "guest", without a password.

A list of unsupported features and known problems is also available.

Kexi Sponsorship

Kexi is developed by Kexi Team - an international group of independent developers, with additional assinstance and support from the OpenOffice Polska company.

About Kexi

Kexi is a integrated environment for managing data. It helps in creating database schema, inserting, querying and processing data. As Kexi is a real member of the KDE and KOffice projects, it integrates fluently into both. It is designed to be fully usable also without running KDE Desktop on Unix, MS Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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