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Release Information:
Version:0.1 beta 2
Date:January 20, 2004
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Kexi 0.1 beta 2 Announcement


January 20, 2004 (The INTERNET). The Kexi Team today announced the immediate availability of Kexi 0.1 beta 2 "Warsaw By Night", a preview release of the integrated data management environment aimed at developers and experienced users.

Kexi and all its libraries are available for free under Open Source licenses (LGPL). It can be obtained in Linux source and 32-bit MS Windows binary from


Kexi 0.1 beta 2 is a preview release for the completely rewritten:

  • Transparent Database Access Framework and
  • Core library
Additional information about the enhancements of Kexi 0.1 beta2 is available in the Changelog

Compiling Kexi

Kexi requires kdelibs of version 3.2 or 3.1. For KDE 3.1 it needs QExtMdi library from
tar xvjf kexi-0.1beta2-2.tar.bz2
cd kexi-0.1beta2
su -c "make install"

Kexi Sponsorship

Kexi is developed by Kexi Team - an internatinal group of independent developers, with additional assinstance and support from the OpenOffice Polska company.

About Kexi

Kexi is a integrated environment for managing data. It helps in creating database schema, inserting, querying and processing data. As Kexi is a real member of the KDE and KOffice projects, it integrates fluently into both.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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