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"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Spread the word about Kexi!
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Built on the KDE technology

Member of the Calligra Suite

No Software Patents!

Available Non-Developer Jobs

Are you non-developer or just don't wish to develop for us but want to help in other way? Good.

Table of Contents
   Spread the word about Kexi!
   Perform usability analysis for Kexi
   Perform accessability analysis for Kexi
   Test Kexi, file a wish or report a bug
   Migrate the Kexi Wiki to a newer Wiki engine

Spread the word about Kexi!

This task is always available, so don't hestitate to:

  • Publish a Kexi button or banner on your web site.
  • Send email to and you'll be informed about news. Then you'll be able spread the news to other web sites.
  • Write articles about Kexi for websites, newspapers or as college/studies paper. You can use the knowledge published on web site. Whenever you write an article let us know so we can put a link on this web site.
  • Put the software in newspaper's CD/DVD and inform users about its availability. This can help users without internet connection.
  • Perform any other promotional action.
^ toc

Perform usability analysis for Kexi


^ toc

Perform accessability analysis for Kexi

(in terms of clean interface, keyboard shortcuts, etc.)

^ toc

Test Kexi, file a wish or report a bug

Read Testing Kexi document for more info.

^ toc

Migrate the Kexi Wiki to a newer Wiki engine

Note: Work already in progress

We're using PhpWiki 1.2.1 with PHP 4.1.2. We'd like to:

  • migrate to more current PhpWiki (1.3.10) with our content if possible (to learn about upgrading, read UPGRADING document bundled with the tarball.); or
  • migrate to MediaWiki engine

There could be two main steps:

  1. analyze phpwiki's versus mediawiki's table layout and relationships; and convert the data using a custom SQL script
  2. write converter script that migrated a given wiki text from phpwiki to mediawiki

Skills needed: db administering

  • propose best available Wiki engine (requirements: not bloated, support for accounts, use php, support for images and more rich content, good security)
  • you will receive MySQL dump of current content
  • you will perform migration this data to a new engine (locally), without lossing information
  • after accept, we will migrate

Note: current phpwiki used here is hacekd by us, so we have new features like TOCs.

You will get all the needed support from us. Please contact us.

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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