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KexiDataMigrationAndSharing Using SQL/XML

 started: jstaniek, Tom Browder <tom.browder at>, january 2007
 status: proposal, not published yet

TODO: publish refined proposal from Tom Browder

Table of Contents
   What is SQL/XML?
   The idea
   The goal
   See also

What is SQL/XML?

From SQL/XML home page: SQL/XML is an ANSI and ISO standard that provides support for using XML in the context of an SQL database system. Because SQL is the standard language for accessing and managing data stored in relational databases, it is natural that enterprises and users worldwide need the ability to integrate their XML data into their relational data through the use of SQL facilities.

SQL/XML makes it possible to store your XML documents in your SQL database, to query those documents using XPath and XQuery, and to "publish" your existing SQL data in the form of XML documents.

^ toc

The idea

Do not try to define specification of the storage layer. Focus on having core pats of datbaase schema exchangeable. Then data can be exchangeable on top of this.

^ toc

The goal

Except a new XML import/export feature for Kexi, the side effect is a specification for OASIS. To achieve the latter goal, collaboration with the Base team is valuable.

^ toc

See also

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