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"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you because I had a lot of trouble converting a user from MS Access to OpenOffice Base, after a lot of java-null-pointer-exceptions I switched to Kexi and everything worked out-of-the-box. Thanks!'" (Leo, 2008-01-07)

"In irritation/frustration I took a look at Kexi again, something I had not even glanced at for a long time. It has a very nice intuitive GUI, and seems so far to work well. Forms are very easy to create, and work. Haven't tried the report end yet. And there is a plugin for importing Access dbs that apparently works--we'll see". ("Jerry3904" , 2007-11-20)

"Agree that Kexi seems a lot friendlier than OOBase. I'm pretty much a complete convert to KOffice these days (life's too short to wait 45 secs to open documents!)" ("Glasgow", 2007-11-20)

"''First of all, many thanks to Jaroslaw Staniek and all the Kexi developers for all the great work you are all doing on Kexi. It already has great features, runs fast and is stable enough that I have never lost data, and only rarely lost changes I have made to forms!

Thanks a lot for your help and for this project - GNU/Linux so BADLY needs a decent DB Package! Using Kexi 1.1.3 I've set up a really funky db for business with invoices, delivery notes, shipping info, order acknowledgement, supplier payment - that kind of thing.

I have to say that I've found Kexi 1.1.3 amazingly stable - even when it crashes no data are ever lost. That's great. I've used FilemakerPro (V old version, and v familiar with it) but it only runs on my old Mac! Having really got into Linux, Kexi is the obvious way to go now. I'd have thought you'd have legions clamouring for it!''" (Roderick Drew, 2007-08-16; 2008-01-24)

"The program looks great and works fast. I like the opportunity to directly create postgreSQL databases." (Gunnar Wegner, 2006-05-15)

"I think it's amazing so few people can do such a great job in such little time" (Custodis, 2006-01-21)

Kexi - "MS Access for Linux" ... and Windows
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