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"Microsoft Access for Linux"

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Strings You Should Not Translate

This page is deveted for translators, to save them some unnecessary work

Translator, You don't need to translate following directories:

(in kexi.po)

 main/projectsettingsui.cpp - unused
 widget/kexidswelcome.cpp - unused
 filters/   - obsolete
 interfaces/  - obsolete
 main/projectWizard/  - obsolete
 main/filters/  - obsolete
 scripting/  - prototype
 plugins/kugar/  - obsolete
 test/ - test applications are not packaged with Kexi

(in kformdesigner.po)

 formeditor/test/ - will be heavily changed
 formeditor/kdevelop_plugin/ - will be heavily changed

These are obsolete or not planned for incoming release: will be replaced updated or removed in the future, so it's not a good idea to translate them.

See also: Translating Kexi

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