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  • 30 January 2006: Legal problem with MS Access: users may need to start using a different version of MS Office as a result of a recent legal setback. "It is a significant impact [and cost] for companies to move to a new service pack of a major program such as MS Office."


Windows version
  • 15 February 2005: PostgreSQL security vulnerabilites (CAN-2005-0245, CAN-2005-0247). See also Debian's advisory.
  • February 2005: MySQL 4.1 released. Many bug fixes, improved reliability on Mac OS X, and a slight change to the API.
  • February 2005: PLJava 1.0.1 released. PLJava is an add on module to the PostgreSQL backend. It allows functions and triggers can be written in Java using your favorite Java IDE and installed into the database. This release resolves a couple of important security issues, the most important being that PLJava now is a trusted language. Might be relevant to KexiDataMigrationAndSharing, section 5.
  • January 2005: PostgreSQL 8.0 released New features include a port to Win32 (Installer), savepoints; Point-in-Time recovery; Tablespaces; improved buffer management; a new server-side Perl language; CSV support for COPY; and ALTER TABLE can now change a column's type. story

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