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Discussions: Malaga aKademy 2005


(jstaniek, Alexander Dymo)
  • As KDevelop, Kate, and Quanta+, we are going to move to IDEAl mode delivered by a much simplified implementation. KMDI is dead and will not be developed. There are chances for having a common MDI library for above apps so Kexi can reuse something.

Kugar, Kexi and reporting

 a result of talk during aKademy, Malaga (Jaroslaw Staniek, Alexander Dymo)
 also mentioned at KOffice BoF
  • JS raised some technical issues in reusing Kugar as a reporting module.
  • Licensing issues: JS prefers an LGPL reporting component - not an issue for KOffice itself.
  • Kexi doesn't yet have a working reports renderer. If Kugar does not meet the requirements for a reports renderer for Kexi, then a separate reporting module may be developed as part of Kexi.
  • Adam Treat will continue to develop Kugar, until at least:
    • Kexi has a full replacement for Kugar, that he considers to be better than Kugar
    • That replacement does not depend on Kexi, or be unnecessarily 'tied' to Kexi.

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