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MS Access Annoyances

See also: MSA Stupidities

Table of Contents
    Multiuser Access
    What Others Say


  • If you even open an MS Access 97 database using MS Access 2000, it can't be accessed from 97 anymore. That's why many users gave up and still are using Access 97...
  • MS Access 2003 can't open 97 databases at all, and MS Access 2003 refuses to co-exist with 97 on the same machine the way 2000 can.
^ toc

Multiuser Access

  • When multiple clients are accessing the same MS Access database, they may usually encounter data locks. Moreover, record file locks can be notoriously orphaned what leads to an unaccessible database (all users need to be disconnected).
^ toc


^ toc

What Others Say

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