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About SVN Notification Filter

SVN Notification Filter is provided as a free service to allow immediately receiving an e-mail containing every change in a selected SVN subdirectory. It's usable to track Kexi development and KDE in general, in every detail.

Usage of the Notification Filter

  1. Log in on the notification filter web page
  2. Fastest way to add a directory to the notification filter is to paste the url{DIRNAME} to your browser's address bar and replace {DIRNAME} with one of the directory names listed below, e.g. trunk/koffice/kexi/. You'll see Add this directory: link. Click it and the directory will be added to your filter. If you want, press Back button in your browser to repeat the same action for another directory.
  3. Visit page to see the list of your filters. You can click any of the filters, then click Delete this directory link to delete the selected filter.

SVN directories related to Kexi development

You can consider adding following SVN directories to your notification filter:

Code for stable Kexi release


Code in development

Most of the work you can see is performed here.


Related code


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