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Usability Issues

 started: may 2005, jstaniek

Beginner Mode vs Normal/Expert User Mode

Splitting things to "beginner mode" or "normal/expert user mode" is something we think about from time to time with Kexi design. Examples:

  • Beginner is able to name objects (tables, forms) using full unicode charset and spaces, without , while expert has ability to enter (this is not yet exposed in GUI though)
  • In Form Desinger (Qt Designer successor exactly for beginners), widget classes are named more reasonable from beginners' point of view, eg. translatable "Text Box" instead of untranslated "KLineEdit". However we have a setting for unhide that "Qt-compatible" naming schema
  • Quite a few things going down automagically, eg. configuration of database indices or adding a column to a db table. An expert wouldn't want this level of simplicity.

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