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Table of Contents
   1. Guidelines for choosing and adding Kexi icons
   2. Missing Icons
     MIME Types
     Kexi Main Module
     Form Desinger
   3. Icons already added
   4. Naming specifications
   5. Links

1. Guidelines for choosing and adding Kexi icons

  • We're using CrystalSVG icon set (png icons)
  • For all icons types please try to add at least 16x16 and 22x22 sizes, 32x32 size is welcome
  • If you can, please provide SVG icon source (may be useful later)
  • Sometimes you can't use generic icon from KDE global icon set (most frequently "actions" subset), if you're using an icon to express slightly different action than the original meaning. This won't work when user changes his icon set to different from CrystalSVG (e.g. Noia). Other icon sets can have really different looking icons. The solution is to copy these icons to kexi directories and rename to names better expressing our actual needs.
  • Kexi icons (also these within plugins) are installed to Kexi's icons directory, i.e. : we have icondir = $(kde_datadir)/kexi/icons in (where icon_ICON = .... is the icons list)
  • Before adding icons e.g. from your current KDE installation or KOffice/KDE CVS, download freshest icon set available, i.e. CrystalSVG (12MB) as these are often more updated than those in CVS.
^ toc

2. Missing Icons ^ toc

MIME Types

  • kexi_connectiondata (for application/x-kexi-connectiondata)
^ toc

Kexi Main Module

^ toc

Form Desinger

We actually need a lot of icons, for widgets and actions :
  • Widgets : IconView,...
  • Other : Adjust Size (change the size of multipe widgets at the same time), Preview Form, Edit tab order (the order of widget when clicking tab , should show widgets with number on top of it), New subitem (for listview editor dialog), Connection (between signals/slots, see eg in Qt Designer)
  • "Auto Field" widget
  • "Other widgets" submenu icon
^ toc

3. Icons already added

by Kristof:

  • RadioButton, CheckBox, SpinBox, ListBox, ComboBox, ListView, Slider, ProgressBar, Line, WidgetStack, PictureLabel, Pointer

by js:

  • Widgets : PixmapLabel, TextEditor, TimeEdit, DateEdit, DateTimeEdit, Spacer, Form, Subform...
  • Objects: Table, Query, Form, Report, Script, Macro
  • Other: Align icons
^ toc

4. Naming specifications

See UIDesignIcons_Specs

^ toc

5. Links

  • To request icons to be made for us, send a mail to mailing list. Attach an overview of every icon required, for example - current icon and notes what needs to improve.
  • Crystalsvg icons for (svg icons also available). Part of this collection will replace old KOffice icons - see status page. We will probably reuse selected icon from this project within Kexi too.

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