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Built on the KDE technology

Member of the Calligra Suite

No Software Patents!

Porting to Qt4:


See also Porting to Qt4/Core.

Main Window


Move context-dependent actions to KexiWindow's area itself

(MOSTLY DONE) Move context-dependent actions to KexiWindow's area itself. Examples: toggle buttons for "data/design/text" view modes, "save" button. Additional reason for such move is that any KexiWindow is detachable, so actions related to it have to be kept within floating window.

  • Local actions are not shared, these are KAction-derived objects -- this possible to create QWidgetActions as well.
  • KexiPart::initViewActions(QList<KAction*>&) initializes view-level actions for a given view.

KexiWindows have to be detacheable (TODO) This makes it easier to display large windows for multihead displays.


Simple Printouts

  • usage KoPageLayoutDia has been disabled because it is not yet available in kofficeui (april 2007); TODO: reenable
    • consider moving to non-modal property pane GUI for these settings


  • (DONE) KPageDialog is used instead of KDialogBase
  • (DONE) KexiStartupFileWidget (inheriting KFileWidget) is used instead of KexiStartupFileDialog(external) (inheriting KFileDialog)

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