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Patches For Kexi 1.0.1

Users of Kexi forms may be discouraged from upgrading at the moment because of a critical bug discovered too late in the release process to do anything about. However, note that in most distributions, previous 1.0.0 relese contains the same bugs.


  • The bugs were fixed and two patches are available outside of the source tarball, see below.
  • SUSE and Debian packages are not affected - these already contain the patches (more information for SUSE)
  • If your binary package does not contain the fixes, and forms do not appear (it may be false alarm on some platforms), you may want to wait with Kexi upgrade to KOffie 1.5.2 release (Kexi 1.0.2). It which will be released in about a month.


Two patches are provided:

  1. Forms: fixed saving data changes for db-aware checkboxes. (read the announcement, download the patch: koffice-1.5.1-kexi-checkbox-data-saving.patch)
  2. Form plugin does not load. Affected are probably any environments where --disable-rpath and --enable-new-ldflags are used. (read the announcement, download the patch: koffice-1.5.1-kexi-form-plugins.patch)

How to Apply the Patch

 patch -p0 < patchfilename
 (compile the source code)

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