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MySQL Driver

 notes by jstaniek

Table of Contents
   Useful notes
     The Server SQL Mode

This driver implements most of current KexiDB features.

Useful notes ^ toc

The Server SQL Mode

From the docs: The MySQL server can operate in different SQL modes, and (as of MySQL 4.1) can apply these modes differentially for different clients. This allows an application to tailor server operation to its own requirements.

Modes define what SQL syntax MySQL should support and what kind of data validation checks it should perform. This makes it easier to use MySQL in different environments and to use MySQL together with other database servers.

more information...

Idea: we can use SQL modes to be able to use syntax not available in MySQL by default. This prevents a requirement of generating different SQL statements for MySQL compared to other backends.

For example, setting:


We're able to use || concatenation operator (as in PostgreSQL and SQLite) instead of CONCAT() function.

Problem: Note that some of these modes work for MySQL 4.0 and above, some other for 4.1 or even 5.0. Thus we may need to use version information to know what modes are available. Then, what about older MySQL versions (<4.0)?

^ toc


^ toc


The driver was originally developed by many Kexi developers. It has been cleaned up by Martin Ellis (see Contact page).

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