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KexiDB 2.0 Design

KexiDB 2.0 is the upcoming iteration of KexiDB for KDE4, that makes use of Qt4.

Table of Contents
   Main Goals
     Multiple Connections Support
   Simplify the API
     Connection Class
     Make classes implicity shared

Main Goals ^ toc


Problem: Data processing can be time consuming. Connections can be slow. For beter user's experience, multithreaded processing and GUI should be used.

Ideas: reuse Thread Weaver. Links: 1, 2.

^ toc

Multiple Connections Support

Problem: Real live db apps equire multiple connections to be made concurrently. Ideas:

  1. Allow to define multiple KexiDB-compatible connections
  2. Allow to define links to native databases
  3. Multithreading will help in this
^ toc

Simplify the API ^ toc

Connection Class

Problem: current Connection class is huge. Split it to orthogonal classes.

^ toc

Make classes implicity shared

Problem: currently only Transaction and DriverManager classes are implicity shared. Remember about object's live time (notification about schema changes will be still needed).

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