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Kexi 0.9: Changelog

Top-level Changelog

  • Database forms are now officially supported
  • Many improvements in handling server databases
  • For users' convenience, Tabular Data View's behaviour is similar to Form Data View's behaviour
  • Data and project migration from existing data sources (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Microsoft Access MDB database file import available as optional KEXIMDB plugin.
  • Tens of overall improvements and hundreds of bugfixes.

Features in progress

  • Scripting using Python language
  • CSV and Clipboard Data import



New Developers On the Board

Three new proffesional software developers joined the Kexi Project:

  • Martin Ellis who contributed with updated MySQL driver, KexiDB improvements and MDB (MS Access databases) support. The latter feature is highly expected by many users.
  • Sebastian Sauer who contributed with excellent, well designed Scripting Module (KROSS) together with Python language bindings for KROSS. These features will be the subject of Kexi 0.2 release.
  • Christian Nitschkowski who contributed with various forms' graphics effects, KInitiator (to be included in 0.2) and helper dialogs.

Multiplatform Availability

Kexi on Linux (e.g. Debian) is available for many architectures, including 64-bit Intel/AMD and Apple PowerPC.

Unsupported Features


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