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Child/master form fields linking

 docs created by jstaniek, mar 2005

1: Subform
2: Properties required for linking
3: Subform Linker Dialog


1. Add properties for subform widget

  • "linkMasterFields" (QStringList)
  • "linkChildFields" (QStringList)

Within property editor, values of both properties can be displayed in a form of strings separated by semicolon (;). At the right hand [...] button should appear (these requirements will be probably met automatically thanks to improved property editor).

2. Implement Linker Dialog

This is additional subtask, much more difficult than other subtasks here. For displaying field-to-field connections, use KexiDataTableView(external), in similar fashion as with KexiAlterTableDialog(external). The table will contain two columns: "Master Fields" and "Child Fields" (see above screenshot).

2. Behaviour for data view mode

If binding is defined, on moving to a new record contents of data-aware widgets within subform should be refreshed. This should be perform

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