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Kexi Data Migration And Sharing:

Comma Separated Values (CSV) Data Importing

 jstaniek, mar 2005

(available since Kexi 1.0)

Temporary solution for Kexi 1.0

We're reusing KSpreadCSVDialog dialog from KSpread. QTable will be replaced by KexiDataTableView(external) for better user experience.

The data source for CSV data is currently:

  • file
  • clipboard

A code required for inserting imported data as KSpread cells within current spreadsheet, is replaced by a code for creating a new table with required columns. The table is filled with imported data. For preview only some of the data is presented, for efficiency. Autodetection of separators is performed.

Final Solution

CSV import assistant dialog will be implemented. It will be probably used also for KSpread and KChart.

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