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Current Tasks for dipesh

Kross, the Kexi scripting bridge.

Table of Contents
      Kross, the Kexi scripting bridge.

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  • [done] Let everything, interpreters and wrappers, be a plugin.
  • [done] Load plugins only on demand.
  • [done] Call scripting functions from within native code.
  • [done] Callback of native functionality from within scripting code.
  • [done] Integrate handling of classes and instances.
  • [planned] Be able to inheritate a C++ class in scripting code.
  • [planned] Write some Python DB-API to KexiDB layer to be able to use all the database-drivers python supports within Kexi.
  • [planned] Autogenerate API-documentation.
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  • [done] Wrap KexiDB to access the whole database-functionality Kexi provides.
  • [done] Wrap the Kexi application to access Kexi runtime-stuff like the KexiMainWindow(external).
  • [done] Support QObject, signals and slots and Q_PROPERTY's.
  • [planned] Port to Qt4 QMeta-framework for wrapped QObject's signals and slots handling.
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  • [done] Enable using of GUI-toolkits like TKinter or PyQt.
  • [done] Add some example scripts to demonstrate how scripting could be used to extend Kexi.
  • [planned] Provide a simple Wizard-plugin that enables creating of wizards with Kexi-widgets like the "Connect with server"-dialog from within scripting.
  • [planned] Write some tool to be able to automatically create wrappers out of existing code. Maybe something like a Smoke-compatibility layer would do the job.
  • [planned] Optional build Kexi-independend python module out of the existing KexiDB-wrappers. This would allow e.g. an easy Web implementation.
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  • [done] Open, edit, save and execute scriptingcode.
  • [done] Catch stdout and stderr and display them. On exceptions jump to the line of code where it got thrown.
  • [done] Switch between supported interpreter bindings via propertyeditor.
  • [done] Configure interpreter-dependend options via propertyeditor.
  • [planned] Debugger that displays the objecttree.
  • [planned] Breakpoints execution should sleep on.
  • [planned] Backtrace to show the ways an execution was gone.
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  • [done] Integrate Zope RestrictedPython to provide a restricted python environment to execute python scripting code in a secure sandbox.
  • [planned] Write security-proxies to provide some needed functionality like "print" even in restricted mode.
  • [planned] Sign scriptingcode with e.g. QCA to be able to split scripts into trusted and untrusted/insecure ones.
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  • [done] implement Python binding
  • [planned] implement KJS binding to support ECMA like some other KDE-applications do
  • [planned] implement Java binding to be able to e.g. access JDBC
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  • [planned] Macrorecorder
  • [planned] Macroeditor
  • [planned] Macromanager

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