Your Support for the Kexi Project.
In No Time. At No Cost.

Most products appreciate your close participation during beta testing stages of development. In the Kexi Project you can participate at any stage, it does not matter if it is a shiny final release or early beta, you can join us to influence the shape of your software.

Before going further please note one thing, this application is developed by its community, its creators and users are one group, they are not separate. We refer to this group as the Project.

Power to You

You can have substantial influence on the future releases of this software by:

We at the Project came to the idea to reuse the capabilities of the Internet for the purpose of improving the application you use. We are using in-app connectivity with the Project web site to allow you to quickly and easily voice your opinion, ask for help or provide feedback. All without leaving the application. The third option, providing feedback, is special. We would like you to share some of the information on how you use the application - automatically.

We Adapt to You

While software developers of course welcome to join, it is no problem if you can't do software programming. Other members of the Project handle that for you. So equally well you may be user of the app who agrees to share any feedback regarding the app in use.

You can for example:

As you can imagine, the more information you give, the more chances are for the Project to take your special needs into account.

Safe and Transparent Participation

We propose simple but clear ideas for the participation:

We plan to improve and extend ways of participation so stay tuned. Feel free to share you ideas on the matter by sending feedback to This is another good way to start participation!

-- Love, the Kexi Project Team