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0.1 beta 4 Announcement
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Kexi 0.1 beta 4 Changes

(since beta 3 version)

Much improved Form Designer

  • Form designer is now integrated as Kexi component (KexiPart)
  • New features for editor to ease form creation even more : Widgets are resized as you edit text to fit the text, dragging a widget holding Ctrl key copy the widget, editing can be started by double clicking.
  • Pixmaps are managed using a collection, what means can be stored outside of GUI project files, and can be shared by multiple forms.
  • Connections can be created using a new dialog or by drag-and-drop
  • Added a combo in toolbar to select widget style
  • Support for label's buddy widget (using context menu)
  • Tab Stops are editable using a special dialog; it can be managed automatically (from top-left corner to bottom-right).
  • New widget icons
  • Lots of bugfixes and corrections for designer

Much improved Query Designer

  • Saving, loading improved
  • On switching between SQL and Visual modes, query design is preserved (using parser).
  • Layout of tables in query's relation view is stored together with query schema.
  • Renewed SQL history view now can be switched off and simple SQL status panel can be displayed instead.
  • Kate Part (text editor) is now integrated for SQL View. Also works on win32 version.

Fixes in Table Designer

  • Better updates on user's row/cell deletions/editions.

Data Table View

  • Fixed data refreshing when needed.
  • Improved combobox widget's drop-down button.
  • Cell focus fixed in few cases.

Overall improvements

  • Many fixes for action handling, action availability updates. &dirty& window's flag better updated.
  • Kexi Core (Parts, Actions) API improved
  • Developer's Documentation, especially KexiDB Documentation improved.
  • Added --edittext [<object_type>:]<object_name> command line option: like --open, but the object are opened in Text Mode.

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